Silver Opening Suite

Using the new upcoming opening suite feature in Chess for Android, I conducted a tournament between the most recent Android versions of Stockfish, Komodo, and Critter (32MB cache, 1s./move) from both sides of the "Silver Opening Suite" (300 games total). A screenshot of the tournament in progress is shown below (also note that the upcoming version improved the layout and display of the engine analysis window).

When the tournament is over, a summary of the results is shown.

The results organized in a cross-table are shown below. Stockfish is the clear winner. Komodo now comes in third (probably because v3 honors fixed time per move better than previous versions).
                 1          2          3
1 Stockfish 2.1  **         60.0-40.0  76.5-23.5  136.5/200
2 Critter 1.2    40.0-60.0  **         72.5-27.5  112.5/200
3 Komodo32 3 AB  23.5-76.5  27.5-72.5  **         51.0/200


Ankan said…
which device (phone/tablet) did you use?

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