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Test Runs for the 2013 Tournament

I have completed the initial tests for the 2013 tournament between engines for Android (compiled for ARMv5TE) using Chess for Android on a Nexus 7 (1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9). The qualified and disqualified engines are shown below.  Next to follow is a qualification tournament which will place the top 25 engines in six groups, like I did in the 2011 tournament . However, I will wait a few days to see whether engine authors want to appeal the disqualification with an improved binary. Updates of qualified engines are of course also welcome. Qualified: AdroitChess 0.3      Arasan 14.0.1 betsabe-II-130-android-ja BikJump v2.1P (32-bit) cheng3 1.07 JA crafty-235-android-ja Critter 1.6a 32-bit danasah-488-ja Daydreamer 1.75 JA Diablo 0.5.1       DiscoCheck 4.0.1   exchess-054-beta-ja fairymax48l-ab    GarboChess 3 (32-bit) Gaviota v0.86     gk-090-ja    GNU Chess 6.0.2 greko98-ab    Jazz 6.40 JA kmtchess-121-ja  myrddin0.85j      natwarlal-014-ja      olithink-531-ja Pepito v1.

2013 Android Engine Tournament

My 2013 tournament between UCI and XBoard engines for Android (ARMv5TE-based) using Chess for Android is about to start with the test and qualifying rounds. I have setup a tournament website with past tournaments (one old, one new so far). The new tournament results will be posted in this blog and at the 2013 tournament site . Games will be played on a Nexus 7 (1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9). If supported, engines will be allowed to use multi-threading. Let the games begin! If you don't see your favourite engine in the test tournaments, feel free to drop me a request.