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BikMove v1.2

Continuing the detour in checkers. I also released v1.2 of BikMove, a checkers engine plugin to Martin Fierz' CheckerBoard application. New features include:
Added internal iterative deepening to searchConfigurable transposition table and endgame database cacheImproved evaluation functionAvoid querying Fierz's database when *either* side can captureBelow are results of a 3-move openings match between BikMove v1.2 and other engines (1 second-per-move, 256MB hash, 256MB database cache, 2-8 piece endgames, best-move for engines that have their own book).

BikMove v1.2 vs. Easy Checkers 1.0   : W-L-D: 284-  0-  4  99%
BikMove v1.2 vs. Simple Checkers 1.14: W-L-D: 136- 21-131  70%
BikMove v1.2 vs. GUI checkers 1.05+  : W-L-D:   9-108-171  33%
BikMove v1.2 vs. Cake1.8 + huge book : W-L-D:   0-152-136  24%
BikMove v1.2 vs. Kingsrow 1.16d      : W-L-D:   1-181-106  19%

For comparison, also some results under similar conditions with v1.1.

BikMove v1.1 vs. Simple Checkers 1.14: W-L-D: 75- 64-14…