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Full Screen Android

While preparing my applications for the wider variety of screen sizes, I also eliminated the title bar and "wooden" border in favor of a larger board size. Especially in landscape mode and for the upcoming smaller screens, this will hopefully enhance the playing experience. As a preview, a screenshot of Reversi for Android before and after shown below (ignore the stuff on the right for now; that is subject to change too). Checkers and Chess for Android will change similarly.

Multiple Screen Sizes

Up to now, my Android applications assume a fixed screen size (HVGA 320x480) and, although portrait and landscape views are supported, the code that implements board layout is not general enough to deal with all sorts of screen sizes. Android is designed to run on a variety of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, however, and starting with version 1.6 , multiple screen sizes should be handled. Just for fun, I tested how my applications would run on various screen sizes. The screen shot for reversi is shown below. As expected, I have some work to do to make my applications more compliant with the latest extensions. This also may give me an excuse to implement some of the other requested features (such as rotating the board when playing black in chess).