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Country Chess Netherlands, first division

BikJump ended at 7th place in Geert Maeckelbergh's Country Chess First Divsion of The Netherlands. After a result like this, I feel the well-known "itch" to go back to work on my chess engine again. But first a few more improvements in Chess for Android.

In any case, thanks for running the tournament Geert.

Miscellaneous Updates

Just a few unrelated updates.

First, the Android App Review Source website posted a brief online interview with me on developing Android applications.

Also, version 2.01 of BikJump ended at second place in the CCC 17th Amateur Series (Division 8), which opens the possibility of promotion to a higher division. Many thanks to Graham Banks for running this tournament!

Finally, Martin Fierz published Checkers Tutor for Android, a strong checkers program for Android.

Back to BikJump

November last year, I posted a blog entry on my progress with "Deep" BikJump, i.e. adding multi-threading to my engine to speedup the search. Due to many distractions, I have not worked on that feature since that posting....

The chess engine bug is starting to itch again, however, so I decided to pick this up. Hopefully I can release a SMP version of BikJump soon!

UCI option: Processors

My attempts to get consensus on standardizing an option to define the number of processors for an UCI engine on talkchess failed miserably, so I simply picked "Processors". The output of the prototype Deep BikJump on the "uci" command is shown below.

id name BikJump v2.1P (64-bit)
id author Aart J.C. Bik
option name Hash type spin default 32 min 1 max 65536
option name NalimovPath type string default
option name NalimovCache type spin default 8 min 1 max 2048
option name Ponder type check default true
option name Processors type spin default 1 min 1 max 4

I completed the threading toolkit for Linux and MacOS using pthreads and for Windows using the Windows threads. The latter was slightly more elaborate as I found out that CONDITION_VARIABLE (a synchronization primitive) is only supported on Vista, but not XP. Since I want to keep BikJump as portable as possible, I had to rewrite the Windows version using the slightly less elegant, but more widely supported events in…