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Chess for Android 2.6

Version 2.6 of Chess for Android adds some choices of board colors and piece sets. To change, press menu, then options, and select either board color or piece set. This brings up another dialog with the choices in colors or piece sets.

Improving Graphics

I got a couple of requests to improve the graphics in Chess for Android, especially now that tablets are becoming more widespread. I found a public domain chess piece set that looks nice and increased the resolution of the wood texture (really just a picture of my coffee table!). I also added a few more board colors. This is how it looks now (click for the full resolution picture). And this is how it may look soon (again click for the full resolution picture). Comments welcome, of course.

More Board Textures

Now that I am enthusiastic about textures, I also added a board texture to the other games. For Reversi for Android this hopefully also addresses complaints that the board was "too green". For Checkers for Android, I simply reused the coffee table texture, as shown below.

Wood Texture

A user "dragonfish" suggested to add texture to the wooden chess board in Chess for Android. So I took a picture of my coffee table and used that as texture for the dark squares. See the result below. Together with a minor engine improvement, this new feature has been released in v2.2.