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Racing during the Holidays

The vacation just started, and Karina and her friend Ella are enjoying 50 lap races on our Carrera racetrack. Nice to see the difference between a year ago, when the girls crashed the cars most of the time, and now, when they actually understand braking before and accelerating in a curve. Still, lots of repairs to be done on the cars when this race is over. I like the Carrera Digital 132 race track. Cars have regular and braking lights, can switch lanes on designated lane change sections, and the speed, braking power, and fuel tank capacity can be set individually for each car. When cars run out of gas, lights are blinking as they slow down, and a visit to the pit stop is required first. Moreover, up to six cars can race together, or autonomous cars can be programmed to make racing harder while an electronic lap counter keeps track of interesting statistics.