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"Supermoon" Eclipse 9/27/2015


Reducing Carbon Emissions

We are doing our part with these electric vehicles! :-)

Chess for Android v5.0.2

A quick update right after the previous one to fix some issues with the new time controls and a few other issues. Improvements include. start clock on first move in tournament mode rigid check prior to sending engine's ponder move back eng-eng tournament corner case bug fixes cleanup logs option network socket engine bug fix (network version only) added more choices in time control

Chess for Android v5.0: Time Control

After some delay, I finally released version 5.0 of Chess for Android, available on Google Play or as direct download . New features include: Time control to define a chess clock for both sides with a choice between the number of moves between time control (possibly the full game), thinking time per time control, and an optional time increment per move. Double engine analysis lines during tournaments, especially useful with pondering on. Re-factored a lot of the engine handling code, with improved cleanup of hanging engines. This is a relatively major release, so please let me know if you encounter any issues. Also, as usual, suggestions for improvements are welcome.