UCI option: Processors

My attempts to get consensus on standardizing an option to define the number of processors for an UCI engine on talkchess failed miserably, so I simply picked "Processors". The output of the prototype Deep BikJump on the "uci" command is shown below.

id name BikJump v2.1P (64-bit)
id author Aart J.C. Bik
option name Hash type spin default 32 min 1 max 65536
option name NalimovPath type string default
option name NalimovCache type spin default 8 min 1 max 2048
option name Ponder type check default true
option name Processors type spin default 1 min 1 max 4

I completed the threading toolkit for Linux and MacOS using pthreads and for Windows using the Windows threads. The latter was slightly more elaborate as I found out that CONDITION_VARIABLE (a synchronization primitive) is only supported on Vista, but not XP. Since I want to keep BikJump as portable as possible, I had to rewrite the Windows version using the slightly less elegant, but more widely supported events instead.

I am now ready for the fun stuff, namely finding a proper way to utilize the additional processors to speedup the search.


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