Chess for Android 3.0

Chess for Android v3.0 is available from the Android market or as direct download. New features include:
  • The possibility to play engine tournaments from both sides of any external book in PGN format, as explained in this blog posting.
  • Layout and formatting improvements in the UCI analysis output window. Light grey board color.
  • Relaxed FEN parsing to accept non-standard, but frequently occurring omissions in the FEN string.
  • Ability to view simple cross-table while tournament is in progress (>> button).


Anonymous said…
what level must be to play vs engine. when mark the uci analysis it doesnt moves
Aart Bik said…
Levels 1 through 8 enable play against the engine (with move times varying from almost instantaneous in level 1 to about 180 seconds in level 8).

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