Opening Book

I added an opening book to Chess for Android. The opening book is small (slightly over 150 opening lines) and simple (transpositions are not recognized, unless the line is explicitly stored). Nevertheless, since the engine picks a matching line at random during the opening, the variety of play will increase. Version v1.2.8 (and onwards) supports the opening book, as well as a new copy-to-clipboard feature (more about that later).

While still in an opening line, the message "opening" appears at the position that usually shows the engine evaluation, as shown below.


greenchile505 said…
THANK YOU KIND SIR. For the PGN export feature, which I will use often, and the opening book which will add tremendous variety for addicts like me.

I'm off to leave positive comments at the Market.

Also, please ignore driveling idiots who post lazy, grammatically flawed comments. I've read you CV. You've worked too hard and have contributed so much to CS to let entitled whiners rain on your day. If they do not like your software, let them write their own GM level chess engine and port it to Android.

If I had 10% the talent and experience you have, I'd be writing software for the droid right now. As it is, I am only good at testing, maintenance, and documentation.

Good day.
Aart Bik said…
Well, thank *you*. You just made my day :-)
AgentIcarus said…
Awesome, an Opening Book! I was getting bored of e4 always being met by e5 - this could have just made Chess even better.

Yup - first try. e4 c5. Awesome.

Anonymous said…
Any plans for hosting the source code publicly?
Aart Bik said…
No, no direct plans for that.
dragonfish said…
Ok I was thinking about painting the board with a wood texture. I've made a simple example in gimp to shown you an example: Chess for Android with simple wood texture.

I was also thinking about adding some basic animations. Please let me know if your willing to share the code.
Aart Bik said…
Yes, the wood texture looks nice! Let me see if I can do something similar....

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