DoubleCheck 1.1 for Android

I compiled Lucas Braesch's DoubleCheck 1.1 for Android (ARM) and put it on the UCI Engines for Android website. The engine works reasonably well in Chess for Android. However, because the UCI command movetime is not implemented yet, it plays almost instantaneously, making matches to determine its strength less useful at the moment.


Anonymous said…
what are an optimal settings when importing engine?I awlays make it TableB-64mb HashT-64mb CPUs-1.Is that good. Is the more TB and HT the harder playing for engine and is 2400 the limit elo i can play
Aart Bik said…
Optimal settings depend heavily on the actual device as well as on the particular chess engine; on a single core CPUs should be 1; hash size of 32MB and TB cache of 8MB usually perform well. Limit ELO is only supported by a few engines, and reduces the playing strength up to the given ELO.
Anonymous said…
THank you for your CFA because I can play many oponents (engines) and so different styles.Very functional game.i think for the future you will make it to run an .exe engines.I realy wanna test TheKing chess engine ( the engine behind Chessmaster) and the other main chess features.
Aart Bik said…
I am glad you enjoy Chess for Android. Note that .exe files are Window binaries. Android devices typically run only ARM or x86 binaries. See UCI for Android for some background. You could try to convince Chessmaster to release an Android version ;-)

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