Chess for Android 2.9.4

I just released version 2.9.4 for Chess for Android, available from the Android market or as direct download. This version introduces the much requested "infinite analysis" mode for an imported UCI engine, in which the engine reports its analysis of positions without actually making moves. To enable this mode, change the level to free play, as shown in the following screenshots.

If an UCI engine is imported, its analysis of the current position will appear below the board. The user can freely play through previous games or make new moves. When at the end of a game still in progress, pressing the ">" button will play the best move found by the UCI engine. Changing the level, or unloading the UCI engine will exit the "infinite analysis" mode.

Although the feature may seem simple, it was actually far from straightforward to implement, also because not all UCI engines behave the same for the "go infinite" command. Please let me know if you encounter problems or if you have suggestions.


veriz2430 said…
nice game sir ...^__^ i will install that game ^__^

want, ^_^ can i share mine sir ^__^

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