Friday, August 6, 2010

Chess for Android 2.3

Version 2.3 of Chess for Android has following changes:
  • replay buttons for full game navigation
  • improved draw detection
  • added two levels (longer thinking time)
  • more efficient game storage in memory
There are now five on-screen buttons. The first one is:
  • ← : undo button, accepted any time to correct mistakes (even when engine is thinking), discarding all subsequent moves when used during navigation
The replay buttons are useful to navigate through a game without discarding any moves. These buttons are only accepted when the engine is not thinking, and work as follows:
  • << : goes to beginning of current game
  • <  : steps back one move
  • >  : steps forward one move
  • >> : goes to end of current game
During navigation, all subsequent moves not played yet are greyed out (see screenshot). Playing any move while navigating (including switching sides) discards all following moves (even if the moves matches the subsequent play; use replay buttons to maintain the current game). As before, long pressing the notation window enables the user to export the game as PGN or FEN. The game will be exported at the position of navigation. Saving a game to file will always store all moves of the current game.

Since there are quite a few changes this time, please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Update: despite lots of testing, a few things fell through the cracks in v2.3; all known issues fixed in v2.3.2 [many thanks to Robert for reporting a Droid control issue]