Connecting with the DGT Board

After all the fun I had connecting Chess for Android with the Millennium over Bluetooth, I was curious if I could provide similar support for the DGT electronic chess boards. Some of these have Bluetooth capabilities, most use USB connections, and some older models, like the one I have, still use the RS-232 connector.

To my pleasant surprise, by combining the original serial cable of DGT with a USB-to-serial cable and a female-USB-to-USB-C cable, I was able to get an actually working connection between my DGT board and my tablet or phone.

Next was implementing support in Chess for Android. Luckily, DGT kindly shared the protocol documentation with me, and after a fun weekend of hacking, Chess for Android now proudly supports DGT electronic chess boards as well.


Anonymous said…
Hi. Can you please support Novag Citrine on your Chess for Android? Also uses an old RS232 connection. The only software that supports it is the PC software Arena. It is an old board but it is a cheaper alternative to DGT and Certabo and the there are more users out there of this board than of the new Certabo. Thanks

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