More chessbase compatible engines

More engines were added to the Chessbase compatible engines for Android package. Many thanks to the engine authors for their explicit permission.


Anonymous said…
I just found out about Chess for Android and I have two important questions. First, do you plan to add functionality for online play? I would love to be able to use this app to access the Free Internet Chess Server. Second, where can I find the source code/what is the app's license? I very much hope that this is a free software application.
Anonymous said…
I have two important questions: do you plan adding any online functionality (such as the Free Internet Chess Server) to the app? And might you make it a free software/open source application? (I can't find the source code.)
Aart Bik said…
Hi Darren,
No direct plans for online play, but one never knows. Also, although this software is free (as in "free beer"), for various reasons it is not open source (sorry :-))
ricardoliz said…
Hello Dear "aartbik", I would like to see on the board coordinates.
Anonymous said…
do you plan adding Stockfish 4? Thanks

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