Chessbase compatible engines continued

I am about to release a next version of Chess for Android that recognizes engines in the Chessbase compatible format discussed in the previous blog posting. The new version is available as direct download or from Google Play.

With this release, all engines installed in this format (either the engines that ship with the Chessbase for Android application itself, or engines installed in this format, such as my own Engines.apk package) are available for direct import in Chess for Android as well as in the latest Chessbase for Android.

Together with sharing capabilities, this greatly enhances the 'chess ecosystem' on Android, since chess GUIs can now be used interchangeably in a much simpler manner.

As before, engines authors that want to be included in the package can drop me an email.


Anonymous said…
Aart Bik said…
Thanks for your comment (on checkers). Can you please explain what you mean by checkers game numbers?
Anonymous said…
Aart, I think there is an issue with the new release. I can't import any new uci or xboard engine. This happens using two different devices and different os versions. The previously imported engines seem to work properly.
Anonymous said…
Hi, i imported criter uci engine on samsung galaxy s2 but Limit elo function is not working (i can see the numbers 1200 to 2500, but nothing can be selected. Let me know how to activate this function. Bye Ivan
Aart Bik said…
Can you please provide details. What does not work exactly? I am able to import engines (both old style through SD as well as new style with Chessbase compatible engines).

If an engine does not support a feature, the UCI option is grayed out. Not too many engines support the limit elo function.
Anonymous said…
Ok Aart, I will try to explain it better. The problem rises at the very first step, when one loads a new engine into the internal memory (install engine from SD). When I try to import the installed engine (import engine) the program doesn't show the usual "first time" prompt with the uci parameters. And if I try to play a game the gui apperently loads it but soon declares "unstarted" and then goes with the default engine.

On the contrary, I can still use the xboard and uci engines installed from SD a few months ago, before upgrading. I have the same issue with my smartphone, android 2.2, and a tablet, android 4.0.4.

cheers from Italy
Aart Bik said…
The problem you report usually indicates an engine issue, not a GUI issue, but it is strange you see it for all engines.

Starting with android 4.2, there was an issue that required recompilation of all binaries and I updated the engines on my website accordingly.

Would you mind uninstalling the old engines, download some from my website and try again?
Anonymous said…
Hello again, I realized that it was a trivial issue: I changed the original name of a few engines and the program just fails to import binaries with a space in its name!
I'm not feeling as stupid as those who underrate the app because "I always lose from the program" but I'm on the way...
Thank you for paying me attention.

One request for the next release: I think that the best approximation of human style of play is a strong engine with fixed (5 to 8) ply depth: this way it's still positionally strong but not a tactical monster. So a level setting with fixed depth would be great.
The last thing, the italian translation is somewhat weird (automatic, isn't it? ).
Aart Bik said…
Thanks for letting me know it works, and also thanks for noting how frustrating those bad reviews can be :-)

Better level controls are still on my TODO list, so please stay tuned.

Note that the app itself has been localized into many languages (if you switch language on the phone all text should read normal), but the promotion text on the Android Market is translated automatically.
Anonymous said…
I meant the app localization: when not checked by a native user the options menu can easily sound funny. It would be not a bad idea to switch the unchecked localizations back to english.

Thanks for your effort.
Aart Bik said…
That's interesting, since all translations for Chess for Android were kindly done by native speakers that volunteered their time. If you have suggestions for improving translations, feel free to drop me an offline email on this!

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