Filtering PGN Games

I have extended the game storage features of Chess for Android with the ability to filter PGN games, which is a useful feature when dealing with larger files. To use this feature, long press the notation window and select Game Storage. From there, you see the usual game storage choices, now extended with Filter Game from SD.

After a file has selected, a filter window pops up. Here, you can define a filter involving the white and/or back player, the event, an ECO code, and/or the result of the game.

After the file has been loaded, a window prompts all games that match the filter. The user can subsequently decide what game should be loaded into Chess for Android.

The new feature should be released very soon!


Anonymous said…
Great!!!! CfA with database!!
But,when comes a better book?? :-)

All the best,
Aart Bik said…
Do you want an improved built-in book, or the ability to read any external book?
Anonymous said…
Both ;-)

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