Jim Ablett's Android Chess Engine Bundle Tested

As posted earlier, Jim Ablett posted an Android Chess Engine Bundle, which various UCI and Win/XBoard engines that can be imported in Chess for Android. Because the Win/XBoard protocol feature is still relatively new in Chess for Android and conducted a test tournament between all the XBoard engines (except gfc-08-rev5-ja which often claims a mate without actually making the move; I am not sure if the standard allows this, but it seems weird that the GUI should verify the claim).

During this tournament I found a few opportunities for improving the GUI's handling of the protocol, which will be released soon. Also, the next release will add the much requested pondering feature (also called permanent brain).

Games available on request.
1  olithink-530-ja          34.5/38
2  crafty-234-ja            32.0/38
3  phalanx-xxii-ja          29.5/38
4  chess-one-201-ja         29.0/38
5  gullydeckel-215-pl10-ja  25.5/38
6  sloppy-023-ja            25.5/38
7  kmtchess-121-ja          23.0/38
8  surprise-43-b13-ja       23.0/38
9  scidlet-261b2-ja         21.0/38
10 gk-090-ja                19.5/38
11 natwarlal-014-ja         19.0/38
12 knightcap-36-ja          17.0/38
13 buzz-os-11-27-08-ja      17.0/38
14 sjeng-112-ja             16.0/38
15 mizar-30-ja              15.5/38
16 zzzzzz-351-ja            12.5/38
17 mskcp-145-ja              9.0/38
18 exchess-054-beta-ja       7.0/38
19 toledo-nanochess-2010-ja  2.5/38
20 Chess for Android         2.0/38


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