King Attacked Warning

It is minor, but the latest release 2.4.3 of Chess for Android now shows a red circle around the king as an in-check (or mate) warning when the move coach is enabled. A sample screenshot is shown below. This version also improves UCI engine unloading on exit.


Anonymous said…
Congratulation's on citizenship. Welcome.
Incidentally, I can't get the computer to play White in Android chess program. No doubt there is a way but it is certainly not intuitive.
Thanks, MH
Aart Bik said…
Thanks MH. To switch sides, simply press "Menu => Switch Side". Then the computer will play white. Use the option again to let the computer play black.

Independently, you can rotate the board by toggling "Menu => Options => View from White". If you let the computer play white, you may want to view the board from black.

Hope this helps.
Anonymous said…
It would be great if you could also fix the bug where ai treats pawns who have moved two slots as if they've only moved one. I just had a pawn kill my pawn by moving sideways. Other that you've done great job keep up the good work.
Aart Bik said…
Anonymous, this is not a bug, but a valid chess move that is called en-passant. Please have a look at an earlier posting:
Andrew Case said…
Feature request... when the AI is "thinking..." have the "<" button be able to break the "thinking..." cycle.

When I'm playing with minute think time and I decide I want to undo a move I have to wait in upwards of a minute for the AI to make it's move before I can do so.

Have you considered open sourcing this so users can help contribute?
Aart Bik said…
Hi Andrew,
That feature is already in! When the engine is thinking, the "<-" (UNDO) button stops the engine and takes back the last move. Likewise, when the engine is thinking, either the ">" or ">>" button forces the engine to stop thinking and move immediately. The "<" and "<<" button are ignored while the engine is thinking, and only make sense during game navigation.

I have no direct plans for open source yet.
Angelo DePalma said…
Hi Aart,

I'm an avid chess player, interested in your chess program's features. Do you list them anywhere? Can I store games? Does the program read .PGN files? What is the approximate playing strength?


Aart Bik said…
Hi Angelo,
You can save/load games as files and export games/positions to the clipboard as PGN/FEN. Details can be found in this manual. You can also import third-party UCI engines into Chess for Android and I am constantly adding new features.
Matias said…
I very much enjoy your chess game, thank you :)

Today I found a minor bug:
The program reports "white mates in #3" in this position:
Black: King h5
White: King f3, Queen g8, pawn h2
White moves.
It is however mate in 2 (Qg7)

I like the feature though, so please don't remove it, even though it's not always correct.

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