Casio FX-700P

This week I realized that it has been more than 25 years since I learned programming on the Casio FX-700P programmable calculator. This little computer is powered by a 455KHz HD61913 processor and features 2KB RAM, with exactly 1568 bytes available for BASIC programs. Output can be printed with the Casio FP-12 mini thermal printer and programs and data can be saved and loaded using the Casio FA-3 cassette interface.

I still use the FX-700P as my desktop calculator, but this week I also tried the printer and cassette interface. The internal battery of the FP-12 was exhausted, so I had to improvise an external battery holder. But after that, the printer still produces those little thermal listings! The FA-3 also still works after all those years, although I could not read my old programs back unfortunately. Time had taken its toll on those old cassettes.


Elies Bik said…
I still remember that! Wow, a quarter of a century of programming...... with so many nice results!
Unknown said…
Hallo Aart,

Ik ben aan het opruimen en heb exact dezelfde fx-700p met printertje liggen. Als je wilt mag je hem wel hebben, misschien kan je er nog iets mee doen. Je woont in Amerika, begrijp ik, dus opsturen wordt misschien wat duur, maar als je binnenkort in Nederland komt ,wil ik hem wel voor je bewaren. Groet, H.M.Moed
Aart Bik said…
Best H.M.
Dank voor de reactie. Ik stuur je een prive email.

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