Android 2.2

I am excited that Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) has been announced at Google I/O. Especially the Dalvik JIT compiler directly benefits all my game engines with deeper search. And yes, the 5x improvement reported for checkers in the Android 2.2 highlights page refers to Checkers for Android!


Unknown said…
Sorry if our work made the game even more difficult... :-)
Lee said…
Has anyone staged an Android chess tournament? (Or checkers or reversi, for that matter.)

It would be great to get some ratings ideas for the various engines at various time controls.

For me (a terrible player), it would be most useful to be able to set my phone to play at an ELO rating directly.
Anonymous said…
This game has a glitch that alllows the computer to to take my pawn with a pawn that is directly beside it. Not in a position to attack. Essentially, it cheats! It has happened twice to me.
Aart Bik said…
Sigh. Anonymous, do you actually read my blog? Like so many others, you seem unaware of the en-passant rule in chess. Have a look at
Patrick C said…
Lol, seems no one knows this move until it's used on them....I recall the first time I happened to me!

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