Chess for Android 3.1.4

It has been quiet for a while, because I was really busy at work, but finally Chess for Android version 3.1.4 has been released, available at the Android market or as direct download. New features include:
  • Position setup improvements
  • Enhanced x-chess-pgn content viewing
  • Option to hide engine's principal variation (useful when playing a real game)
  • Simplified connection with remote UCI/XBoard engine (network version only


Al Nicholls said…
Hi Aart,

I don't see the new version as a link on the download page(still showing 3.1.2 as the latest version). Also at the market it is still showing 3.1.1 as the latest.

Can you confirm this please?

Also does the new 3.1.4 now store the UCI engine after exiting? Just checking!

Thanks again
Aart Bik said…
Hi Al,
The new version should appear on the websites shortly (try refresh). This version added a few improvements that I really wanted to push out, but I have had no time yet for keeping the engine in memory. Sorry about that. Please be patient with me :-)

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