New Top Android Engine Tournament

To test recently released versions of Android engines, I conducted a new tournament between the top UCI engines on a Nexus One using a random book opening play, one second-per-move, 32MB hash, and 8MB tablebases cache with the 3- and 4-piece Robbobases endgames on SD card. Congrats again to the Stockfish team!

                       1         2         3         4         5
1 Stockfish 2.1            *     54.0-46.0 60.5-39.5 64.5-35.5 65.5-34.5 244.5/400
2 Komodo32 2.03 AB     46.0-54.0     *     46.5-53.5 52.5-47.5 66.0-34.0 211.0/400
3 Critter 1.2 32-bit   39.5-60.5 53.5-46.5     *     51.5-48.5 58.0-42.0 202.5/400
4 RobboLito 0.085e4l   35.5-64.5 47.5-52.5 48.5-51.5     *     62.0-38.0 193.5/400
5 IvanHoe-Beta 999947c 34.5-65.5 34.0-66.0 42.0-58.0 38.0-62.0     *     148.5/400


Boyan said…
Great to see results of this quick 1-second per move tournament. (Expected RobboLito to get higher thoguh.)

Would it be possible for you to run a bit longer 1-miute per move tournament?

I believe many would be interested in it ;-)
Anonymous said…
I am wondering whether Robbolito is compiled with older version of gcc than engines which appeared recently. Newer gcc may give it some speed which means more at low depth
Chaamjamal said…
i am a user of your "chess for android" program and i love it. it has many surprises in store. thank you.
Aart Bik said…
Thanks for the kind comment Jamal! And you are very welcome.
Hans said…
Very nice program, thanks. On a 2cpu 1Ghz tablet it is now possible to get top-grandmaster-like advice in little time at any place, Whaw! Sometimes though it would be handy to switch off computerline-output while playing. But once again a good program. Its great fun to see Critter, Stockfish, Comodo, etc. competing each other on an androidsystem. greetings
Rajesh said…
I am able to beat level 1 in 37 steps.

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