Komodo2 for Android

Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman released version 2 of their chess engine Komodo. You can find an ARM-based Android binary on UCI engines for Android. The new release seems stronger than the already impressive previous version. A quick one second-per-move, 32MB hash tournament on a Nexus S against Komodo1.3 resulted in 73 vs. 27 in favor of Komodo2.

1   Komodo32 2AB     +58/-12/=30 73.00%   73.0/100
2   Komodo32 1.3 JA  +12/-58/=30 27.00%   27.0/100

The new Komodo scored 48.5% against Stockfish 2.1 under the same settings.

1   Stockfish 2.1  +38/-35/=27 51.50%   51.5/100
2   Komodo32 2AB   +35/-38/=27 48.50%   48.5/100


Joanne said…
Thanks for this Aart! I been wanting Komodo 2 for a long time. Some how, I've never been able to find it before.

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