UCI Engine on Android

Here is an UCI engine running on a Nexus One in Chess for Android, probing the complete 3- and 4-piece Nalimov endgame tablebases (29.6 MB) from SD card.

Here is a screenshot where the UCI engine already reports a mate (using the tablebases), while the internal Java engine only reports a negative score for white given a search tree of depth 9.

Steps to make this work are shown at UCI for Android.


Nelson Castillo said…
Wow. Probing to the SD is slow, right? Is a lot of search saved when querying the database?
Aart Bik said…
Whether tablebases help chess engines in general is under some debate. For BikJump in particular, tablebases help quite a bit, since I almost put no endgame knowledge in the evaluation function, but rely on probing the tablebases instead.

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