Animation of Engine Moves

Because it is hard to print all information from the UCI engine on the phone screen, I am toying with a feature where the current move considered by the UCI engine is shown graphically. Below is a short demo of this feature. Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said…
It's great!
Elies Bik said…
This is so cool! The animation did not play on the Droid X, but worked fine on a laptop in Chrome. Is this in real time?
You can do the larger picture, but you take the whole screen and small screens that is more difficult to select the parts correctly.

Good program I congratulate you, grace
Anonymous said…
showing the possible positions of a pc move would be better by just hiliting the square(s) that are legal and available. The arrow thing seems to be too distracting
Aart Bik said…
The "move coach" of chess for Android shows all possible destination squares for a selected piece (see for a screenshot). The prototype feature shown in this clip, however, shows the move currently considered by the internal engine while doing an iterative deepening alpha-beta pruning search.
Anonymous said…
I don't know if you had a look at Stockfish for Android yet. That author has implemented this cleverly with arrows, and arrows with higher transparency for multiple plies. Pretty cool.

I don't think there is a patent for this so please consider displaying multiple plies for both sides, with varying degrees of transparency.

Btw, are you working on "timed" games (ie. 5min/side (Blitz))? (Sorry if you've already mentioned it on this blog somewhere..)
Jay said…
looks great!

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