Galaxy Watch3 vs. GT 2 Pro

For my first smartwatch, I couldn't decide between the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, so impulsively I bought both, which puts me in a good position to make some comparisons. Both watches look beautiful and provide excellent health features, like tracking heart rate and SpO2. The Galaxy can even record an ECG and blood pressure, although (at the moment?) this only works when paired with a Samsung phone. The rotating bezel control of the Galaxy provides pleasant navigation through the menus. Both watches have wireless charging. The battery life of the GT 2 Pro is amazing!

Both watches provide solid default apps, mainly focused around fitness tracking. The GT 2 Pro can also show the rising times of the moon and sun, tidal information, air pressure, and moon phase. The Night Wish face nicely displays the moon phase on the watch together with a star map (I still have to figure out if that rotates though).

The Galaxy provides many third party apps through the Galaxy Store, accessible through a plugin of the watch app. The GT2 Pro unfortunately requires side loading the Huawei App Gallery, something I was not willing to do on my phone. Some promised apps were missing on both. For example, neither provides a GPS route back feature.

Overall, a close tie between the two. Please let me know your findings with either one of these!


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