Chess for Android: version 6.1.1

I am gradually rolling out version 6.1.1 of Chess for Android to Google Play. Besides some internal cleanup and refactoring, the major new features are:
  • simple FICS client (see details at Connecting Chess for Android with FICS)
  • improved electronic chessboard support (DGT/Certabo/Millennium)
  • rudimentary DGT chess clock support (shows moves)
The FICS interface is simple, in line with the design philosophy I have always followed so far.  Despite the simplicity, the client is fully functional, and I have started to enjoy playing online over an actual chessboard myself. Hopefully others will find the combination of an electronic chessboard and online play just as enjoyable!

A big thank you to my testers! Writing a client from scratch was a non-trivial task, and took a long time. Having awesome testers was extremely helpful during the initial development. Any remaining bugs are mine, of course. Please send me the details if you find one.


Aart Bik said…
ICC (Internet Chess Club) is now supported as well, starting from version 6.1.5 onwards.

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