Maurizio Monge Chess Art

I received several requests to incorporate some of the beautiful chess art by Maurizio Monge in Chess for Android. Maurizio did a great job creating attractive, yet very playable chess figures. Also, he kindly makes this art available to all, although I received explicit permission from him to use the art in my application. So the next version of Chess for Android will feature the fantastic "fantasy" and very funny "eyes" piece figures.


Bryan Whitby said…
Hi Aart

A very talented artist.

I particularly like his 'SKulls' set, not very usable to actually play a game with but very artistic.

ajcbik said…
They are indeed all impressive, although I indeed picked the most playable one. When can we expect a new piece set from your artistic hands?
Bryan Whitby said…
Ask Pietro if you can use his 😃
chysiddh14 said…
thank u sir for adding new Maurizio Monge chess piece now cfa looks brillant looks stylish
thanks for annonatation
i love everything about this app.
Aart Bik said…
Thank you, chysiddh14!

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