Android Applications Update

I just released minor updates for my Android applications, as usual available on Google Play or as direct download. These versions allow opening the options menu with a simple "swipe up" gesture over the screen. Chess for Android also fixes a problem with importing engines.
  • Reversi v2.5.1
  • Checkers v2.6.3
  • Chess v5.1.2
As some background, my applications still use the older options menu, introduced in the days that Android devices still had a physical menu button. Newer models without a physical button sometimes allow accessing the options menu through a virtual button (shown as vertical dots) or through long-pressing the activity switch button, or sometimes don't provide an easy way at all. This release hopefully makes accessing the options menu easier again.

Note that, apparently, a recent Samsung update broke the options menus completely for any application (not just mine) on some models (like the Galaxy S6 edge). This update does not fix that problem. I am still trying to get one of these devices for further debugging.


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