More on application/x-chess-pgn

In January 2012, I posted a blog entry on registering Chess for Android as viewer for the application/x-chess-pgn MIME type. Under this approach, when an Android application requests viewing a game in PGN format, Chess for Android will open that game. If several programs register as viewer, the user can select what program should be used.

Recently, I got an email from Gerhard Kalab, author of Scid on the Go and Chess PGN Viewer, with a request to support the application/x-chess-pgn MIME type for data sent through an Intent.EXTRA_TEXT as well. After adding this feature, Gerhard's viewer can now share a game with Chess for Android, as shown below. For example, to share a game from the Chess PGN Viewer, press menu, select "Share", and then "Share game". This lists possible target programs, including Chess for Android. Picking the latter opens Chess for Android with the currently viewed game.

Nice to see the Android chess ecosystem develop more and more!


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