Temporary Chess Server

As a follow-up on the previous posting and for users that want to experiment with a remote chess server without setting one up themselves, I have, very temporarily, set up a remote chess server with various engines at ports 2000 through 2005 on aartbik.dyndns.org. Simply type this hostname and one of the ports in Chess for Android and let me know if you were able to connect!


Semeah said…
I was able to connect to your chess server with no problems. I can't understand it but I can't seem to be able to connect to the server I set up at home using the chess utility and web permission android version from your site even though I followed all the instructions correctly.
Aart Bik said…
Is your phone connected through wireless with your local network? A common mistake it trying to access a LAN with a device that is connected with a cell data connection.
Anonymous said…
Great chess in intellect and options to analyze!!! Thanks to author-programmer and Arasan!!!
But it has great bugs with PGN format from other vendors.
For example, this file is not opened by Aart's Chess (PGN_7Apr_21h54m.pgn):
[Event "AI Factory's Chess"]
[Site "Android Device"]
[Date "7 Apr 2012"]
[Round "1"]
[White "You"]
[Black "Cpu (6)"]
[PlyCount "101"]
[Result "1-0"]

1. d2d4 d7d5 2. c2c4 d5xc4 3. e2e4 e7e5 4. d4d5 Ng8f6 5. Nb1c3 Bc8d7
6. Bf1xc4 Bf8b4 7. Bc1g5 Bb4xc3 8. b2xc3 a7a5 9. Ng1f3 h7h6 10. Bg5xf6 Qd8xf6
11. O-O Nb8a6 12. Bc4b3 O-O-O 13. c3c4 Na6c5 14. Qd1d2 Bd7g4 15. Bb3d1 Bg4xf3
16. Bd1xf3 Qf6g6 17. h2h3 b7b6 18. Bf3g4 Kc8b8 19. f2f4 Nc5xe4 20. Qd2b2 f7f5
21. Bg4f3 Ne4g3 22. Rf1c1 e5e4 23. Bf3d1 e4e3 24. c4c5 e3e2 25. Bd1xe2 Rd8xd5
26. c5xb6 Ng3xe2 27. Qb2xe2 c7xb6 28. Ra1b1 Rd5d7 29. Rb1b5 Kb8a8 30. Rc1b1 Rd7d6
31. Qe2f3 Ka8a7 32. Qf3e3 Rh8e8 33. Rb5xa5 Ka7b8 34. Qe3f3 Re8e4 35. Ra5e5 Re4xe5
36. f4xe5 Rd6c6 37. a2a4 Kb8c8 38. Rb1e1 Kc8d8 39. Qf3d5 Kd8e7 40. a4a5 b6xa5
41. Qd5xa5 Qg6g5 42. Qa5d5 Qg5g6 43. Kg1h2 Rc6c2 44. e5e6 Qg6e8 45. Qd5xf5 Rc2c4
46. Re1d1 Qe8b8 47. Kh2h1 Qb8f4 48. Rd1d7 Ke7e8 49. Qf5g6 Ke8f8 50. Qg6xg7 Kf8e8
51. Qg7e7
Semeah said…
You know I did not think about what you wrote. Yes I did try to connect using my cell data connection. I will try it the other way. Thanks for the advice!
Semeah said…
Thanks, you were right about not trying to connect over my own cell data connection. But I had to turn off data over cell option then turn on my WIFI and after that I was able to connect easily. Thanks again!!
Aart Bik said…
Glad I could help!

The PGN you show does not adhere to the formal PGN standard at all, which requires moves are given in SAN format. My parser tries to accept non-standards as well, though, so perhaps with a simple extension I can accept this very nonstandard file you show as well.
Aart Bik said…
The next release of Chess for Android will parse the non-standard PGN you presented as well.
Vaz said…
I am not able to connect to either your 2000 port 2002 port using my Android Chess on my phone. It says "unstarted"

Where am I going wrong
Aart Bik said…
Hi Vaz,
You are not doing anything wrong, but I have taken down the chess server again (it was only temporary). Please drop me a note if you want to experiment with this setup again.

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