First inter-protocol tournament on Android!

Chess for Android now contains sufficient functionality to perform the first inter-protocol tournament between the built-in Java engine, the UCI engine BikJump, and the WinBoard/XBoard engine Fairy-Max. Ten random opening book games between these engines at one second per move on a Nexus S ran without problems to completion with the following results.

                    1          2          3          
1 BikJump v2.1P     ********** 111½111111 1111111101 18.5/20
2 Fairymax 4.8Q     000½000000 ********** 1½10½11½01  7.0/20
3 Chess for Android 0000000010 0½01½00½10 **********  4.5/20


Anonymous said…
I love your game ! Please keep updating it !

From a fan from Brazil !

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