Too Many Updates?!

While browsing through some recent comments posted on the Android market, I was surprised to read that some users complain that I am pushing too many updates. I usually work on these games in spurts, i.e. a lot of improvements in a short time followed by a period of relative quiet. Another problem is that the Android market does not enable me to push updates to specific platforms or builds only. So, for example, when I fix a bug for Android 1.1, some users will not see a change, but others may be happy to receive an update. Last, the Android market does not support a good way to show revision history.

Luckily not all users feel that way, as reflected in the comment:

Updates are a pain? Really? its wonderful when developers continually work on their FREE app to improve it. Be thankful not frustrated.
Vin Fri, Feb 12 11:47:00 PST 2010

Thanks Vin!

Comments said…
Its an interesting matter with truth somewhere in the middel :-) i was started slightly to get the same feeling.
The centre is a communication problem: hpw do i visualise to the public the update-"pattern"?
It seems logically wise to do it graphically.
Like a monitor shows processor-activity.

I have more of a problem with the attitude as if anyone is okay for announcing updates. Its nice to "agree" developers all for 100% trustworthy but not realistic. It requires enough 'identification'
I suppose the bit-population too be too much used to be the bit-cattle of MS, and i really got
a very kind of allergy by the Redmond "upditis"...
(Mainly for lacking openness)

Its a beautiful game likely to donate for.
Pim said…
Fully agree - with both arguments.

As a user, Android's lack of a batchupdate-button annoys me (I'm on 1.6). I spent most of my commuting mornings updating my apps... There is something very (strangely) disturbing about having apps that are NOT UP TO DATE (imagine!).

On the other hand, I haven't chosen an open platform for no reason - that's part of the package. There is indeed something strangely satisfying about having your apps supplied by people who actually care ;-)

Google should give devs the opportunity to push to version X.Y (and users the choice of batchupdating).

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