Thanks Android Game Users!

The last few weeks, I received many very kind emails as well as positive comments at the Android Market about my games. This has been a very nice contrast with the sometimes rough comments or emails I also get (constructive feedback is always welcome, but please study the rules of the game before you complain :-)). So I just wanted to say thank you to all that took the time to write a nice email or comment!


Unknown said…
Just beat chess for andriod for the first time! (on beginner, but anyway) thanks!
Anonymous said…
Chess for Android is a nice-enough chess-engine to be sure, but some aspects could and should be improved:

1. No opening book: This is the program's greatest weakness! 1. e4 e5; 2. Sf3 Ld6??? in "expert mode" Come on! At least some routine openings like Spanish, Sicilian, English, Queen's Gambit et al should be included, they would add greatly to the overall strength.

2. Levels. Expert=30 secs. Ahhh, ok! For a quick game on the sub that's good enough, but why not include e.g. a 40moves/2 hours tournament mode just in case.

3. No way to print, save games etc. Every game is lost after you've completed it. Not good!

4. Strength. Since there is no real tournament mode the overall strength of the program is hard to evaluate. I just beat the program on the "expert level" rather handily, without having to think more than 15 sec on each move. Since I'm just an average player, say 1,600-1,700 ELO, it shouldn't be so easy. My HTC Magic has a powerful-enough processor.

A long way to go. But very nice layout (smart move to include trackball support!).
Aart Bik said…
Hi Anonymous,
I agree with you on all points, especially adding a small opening book would be interesting. Now I just have to find the spare time to do it :-)

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