Chess for Android Update

Version 1.4 of Chess for Android is now available at the Android Market with the following new features:
  • Two improvements in the engine: removed unnecessary restriction on search depth and fixed bug that could cause an out-of-bounds exception.
  • The engine now detects draw by a simplified form of three fold repetition. The detection is not complete, since only limited game history is kept; but at least this new feature avoids some very annoying repetitions. Draw by the fifty move was already implemented.
  • A new level "Auto-play" has been added (press the Menu button). If this level is selected, then the next time the engine takes control (make either a move or touch "Reverse sides"), the game is played automatically.


very nice chess program
it would be even better if you could add Fischer-random chess as variant, since this adds more creativity to the game
Anonymous said…
The game GUI is good.
The usability game is good.
The openning level is bad, very bad
The expert level engine is low.
The game don't read pgn and it'd be useful to study games.

My chess level is 2100 ELO FIDE.
Aart Bik said…
Thank you both for your comments. Please keep in mind that I wrote my Android applications merely to provide some free games to the Android community and I expect that better versions with more elaborate features are (or will be) available.
Nevertheless, the chess engine would benefit from an opening book (currently lacking) and from computational improvements, such as execution with JIT compilation.
Anonymous said…
Hi - I'd also like to see PGN support.

To be able to play a game, then review and annotate it via PGN file, with the ability to email the game in PGN format.

Or at least export in PGN format to annotate later on a computer or just save the game.
Kent said…
I'd love to see the source for this. I'd like to add the PGN import functionality (I already have a java PGN parser I wrote years ago).

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