More on User Feedback at the Android Market

I can now read the last few comments that are posted at the Android Market for each application. For chess and reversi, feedback is mostly constructive. I was very shocked, however, to read the comments posted for checkers.

People freely post four-letter words and do not shy away from personal insults. Why? Because the application uses the official straight checkers rule where jumps are mandatory? Perhaps, but adding an option to make captures optional did not seem to help. Because graphics are not advanced? True, but I wrote the game for fun and give it away for free! Because the application plays too strong (or too weak)? I assumed people like a challenge (and, conversely, I still have ideas for improving the strength of the checkers engine).

Ironically, I implemented checkers by popular demand after I released chess and reversi in the hope people would enjoy the application. But now I am starting to regret this somewhat after reading too many ill-mannered comments and emails....


mithro said…
I think your version of checkers rocks. I would ignore the idiots who obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

Have you thought about open sourcing all three so people can help improve them?
Aart Bik said…
Glad to hear you like the checkers application. I have no direct plans to open source the games, but one never knows.
Anonymous said…
People use 4 letter words in the comments? that is terrible! Don't pay any attention to the idiots Aaart......your doing great work! AAR

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