Chess for Android: version 6.0

I am rolling out version 6.0 of Chess for Android, through the usual Google Play channel. The new features include:
  • Two new sets of chess pieces by Maurizio Monge (who very kindly gave explicit permission)
  • Ability to enable/disable saving engine annotations in the PGN file
  • Opening the draw/resign dialog now requires tapping one king then the other
  • Simpler permission model for "older" Android versions
The last change, adding bluetooth and network permissions, is needed so that pre-api23 versions of Android can also connect with electronic chessboards over bluetooth or with remote chess engines over a network socket (the latter is also needed for an upcoming FICS client I am working now). From api23 onward, users can selectively enable or disable such permissions. Pre-api23, however, it was an "all-or-nothing". Changes like this have unfortunately the danger that some users will uninstall, but in the long run I believe I can better serve the full customer base this way.

As usual, let me know your thoughts!


van goah said…
thank you for the good and free app.

if you can add play chess on the lichess or fics, it will be great!

and make the clock time more big and can always seen.

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