Android Engines Tournament: Group D

After many more cycles on my Nexus One, Group D has just finished a complete thirty seconds-per-move tournament in Chess for Android, played from both sides of all positions in the Nunn opening suite under the conditions described earlier. Quite a shuffle-up in the results this time compared to the qualification tournament.

Congratulations to Aaron Becker for Daydreamer's promotion to Group C.

All games can be downloaded from the tournament page.

                      1        2         3         4        5
1 Daydreamer 1.75 JA     *     12.0-8.0  11.0-9.0  14.5-5.5 16.0-4.0  53.5/80
2 sloppy              8.0-12.0     *     14.0-6.0  10.5-9.5 16.0-4.0  48.5/80
3 RedQueen 0.9.8 JA   9.0-11.0  6.0-14.0     *     11.5-8.5 14.0-6.0  40.5/80
4 gaviota v0.84       5.5-14.5  9.5-10.5  8.5-11.5     *    15.0-5.0  38.5/80
5 Diablo 0.5.1b JA    4.0-16.0  4.0-16.0  6.0-14.0  5.0-15.0    *     19.0/80


M. A. Shah said…
Hello man! I really really love your chess app on the android market. I use it on an eink device and the contrast is perfect. But i would like to see just one more option added to it. The ability to flip the chess pieces on the top of the screen, so someone could use his tablet like a real life chessboard when using the analyse mode. Could you please do that in future versions if there are going to be any?

Munawar Ali
Aart Bik said…
Thanks Munawar! The application already has an auto rotation feature for over-the-board play with two players? Is that what you mean?
M. A. Shah said…
Sorry mate! just found out about that now. Without trying it i assumed that it would rotate the whole board on every turn like chess titans in win 7. Awesome app then. Cant think of anything it lacks.

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