Qualification Tournament Completed

I completed a qualification tournament from both sides of the first Nunn position at one-second per move on a Nexus One (1GHz Snapdragon). Where applicable, UCI engines were given an 8MB hash table and 1MB endgame tablebases cache (the complete 3- and 4-piece Nalimov, Gaviota, Scorpio, and Robbobases endgame tablebases reside on SD card). XBoard engines play at their default settings. Since the Nexus One is a single-core device, "pondering" was disabled

The qualification results are used to split the engines into separate groups. Engines in each group will play each other at longer time controls, starting with the lowest group. The number one in each group will promote to the next group.

The cross-table and all games can be downloaded from the tournament page.


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