GarboChess 3 for Andoid

Jim Ablett kindly ported Gary Linscott's engine GarboChess 3 to various platforms, including Android. I also made a dynamically linked binary available at the UCI engines for Android website. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the UCI engines does not provide many options, but it plays strong.

Below the results of several quick matches on a Nexus S using random book opening play, one second-per-move, 32MB hash, and 8MB tablebases cache with the 3- and 4-piece Nalimov, Gaviota, Scorpio, Robbobases endgames on SD card.

 - Stockfish 2.1         +0/-10/=0    0.00%
 - Komodo32 2.03 AB      +0/-10/=0    0.00%
 - IvanHoe-Beta v999947c +0/-10/=0    0.00%
 - Pepito v1.59          +3/-4/=3    45.00%
 - GarboChess3 JA        +2/-3/=5    45.00%
 - GNU Chess +7/-3/=0    70.00%
 - Gaviota v0.83.0.3     +7/-3/=0    70.00%
 - Rotor 0.6a            +6/-2/=2    70.00%
 - RedQueen 0.9.8        +9/-1/=0    90.00%
 - BikJump v2.1P         +9/-0/=1    95.00%


Albert said…
Absolutely love the software, but one question: Is there any way to use a custom PGN (or EPD) for the engine-engine matches?
Aart Bik said…
Hi Albert,
Thanks for the kind comment. Tournament games are automatically saved as PGN on the SDcard in the filename games.pgn. In addition, you can save any game manually as PGN by long-pressing the notation window. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the online manual.

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