Wood Texture

A user "dragonfish" suggested to add texture to the wooden chess board in Chess for Android. So I took a picture of my coffee table and used that as texture for the dark squares. See the result below.

Together with a minor engine improvement, this new feature has been released in v2.2.


dragonfish said…
Thanks for the new version!

The coffee table makes a nice texture:)
dan san said…
Hello Aart 2 suggestions

1) to see the pieces that have been captured, or in a list or a picture

2) to see historical mathches.

I am a developer (perl, .NET) if you want me to help I would be pleased
Tango Rolf Papa said…
Hello Aart,
Is comment in Dutch allowed
Aart Bik said…
Dragonfish, thank you for the suggestion. Dan, indeed I am still pondering over some form of captured list. Tango, yes Dutch comments are fine.

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