USB Chessboards

Bryan Whitby features a nice USB Chess Board website with a lot of information and links on USB chess boards. On this site, you can find details on hardware and software for connecting a chess board to a tablet or computer. A must read for anyone who enjoys playing computers but prefers playing on a real board.

I, obviously, especially liked the video of Frank Walls Android USB board that features Chess for Android. I have embedded the video below.


Jim Ratliff said…
Aart, your link for Bryan's USB-chessboard page (which is indeed widely cited elsewhere, too) no longer seems to work. ("This subdomain no longer in use.")

Would you happen to know of a current link that works to find out more about these non-DGT USB chessboards?

Aart Bik said…
Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I am not sure what happened to the old link either (so I replaced it with a link to a wiki entry in the meanwhile).

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