Android Tournament: Group F

The test and qualification rounds of my 2013 chess tournament between UCI and XBoard engines for Android are over and the group tournaments have started.

Group F just completed a five seconds-per-move tournament in Group F played from both sides of all positions in the Silversuite gambit opening suite. Congratulations to betsabe-II-130-android-ja for its promotion to Group E.

Games available at the tournament site.

1 betsabe-II-130     *         26.0-24.0 31.0-19.0 36.0-14.0 37.5-12.5 130.5/200 => E
2 phalanx-xxii-ja    24.0-26.0 *         21.5-28.5 33.5-16.5 37.0-13.0 116.0/200
3 typhoon-android-ja 19.0-31.0 28.5-21.5 *         28.0-22.0 35.0-15.0 110.5/200
4 TJchess 1.01U      14.0-36.0 16.5-33.5 22.0-28.0 *         27.0-23.0  79.5/200
5 kmtchess-121-ja    12.5-37.5 13.0-37.0 15.0-35.0 23.0-27.0 *          63.5/200


Anonymous said…
Hi I love your chess game. Very challenging. I have a question that is frustrating me...sometimes not long after I start the game, while many pieces are still on the board I am undecided about my next move. So I ask the computer for a suggestion and let it play both sides for a couple of moves in order to learn the best move. Often it takes me to a 3 fold rep. Does this mean that is the only outcome? I have a screenshot of the game I can send or an SMS if that will help of my last game that ended like this. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Youre a genius!! Thanks that chess has a friend like u,i recently readed a critical post about your app for android ,criticising the poor interface and colour and pgn export with some chessgenius or schrreder ,stupid guy,forgeting the most important things: ure the only hwho gave us acces to uci x86 traditionally based to arm super low power devices!!! Thanks
Could u tell us other app ios ,android that support the clipboard options that ur app have? Its cool,like chessbase,u can use free the clipboard to copy, game and positions))
Aart Bik said…
Thanks both for your kind comments. The build-in engine is not very advanced, and often simply takes the draw by repetition even if many other possibilities are still open. Improving the build-in engine is still on my todo list, but at low priority since third party engines can be imported.

Many other chess applications on Android are now supporting share options too. See a recent posting on this topic (

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