Android Tournament: Group D

Group D in the ongoing 2013 chess tournament between UCI and XBoard engines for Android just completed a five seconds-per-move tournament played from both sides of all positions in the Silversuite gambit opening suite. Congratulations to Crafty its promotion to Group C.

Games available at the tournament site.
1 crafty-235      *         31.0-19.0 34.5-15.5 31.5-18.5 37.5-12.5 134.5/200 => C
2 cheng3 1.07 JA  19.0-31.0 *         25.0-25.0 30.5-19.5 33.0-17.0 107.5/200
3 Daydreamer 1.75 15.5-34.5 25.0-25.0 *         26.5-23.5 30.0-20.0  97.0/200
4 scorpio-27-ja   18.5-31.5 19.5-30.5 23.5-26.5 *         29.0-21.0  90.5/200
5 GarboChess 3    12.5-37.5 17.0-33.0 20.0-30.0 21.0-29.0 *          70.5/200


David said…
Have you thought about running the games with a time limit per game instead of per move? That seems to correspond more closely to how humans play tournaments. Also playing with pondering and letting each engine use half of the cores in the device would make things interesting. Or maybe giving each engine a separate device and using a network to communicate moves.
Anonymous said…
Aart sorry for asking this here, but for a month now i am searching for a solution for it. How can we setup sjeng to play losers on CFA?

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