Max Euwe Suite Corrections

I ran various tournaments using the "Max Euwe suite", from the hand of the famous grandmaster who inspired many Dutch aspirant chess players, including myself. During the first tournament, Chess for Android detected bugs in positions 146 and 148, where the castling rights are not set properly for white, even though white actually castles in the first given move (that is, the move the engine is supposed to find when used as a tactical test suite).

For example, in position 146, the embedded FEN string in the PGN file:

r1b1kb1r/p3q1pp/2pp1p2/4n3/3N4/8/PPP1BPPP/R1BQK2R w kq - 0 1

should really be:

r1b1kb1r/p3q1pp/2pp1p2/4n3/3N4/8/PPP1BPPP/R1BQK2R w KQkq - 0 1


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