RobboBases in Chess for Android

Chess of Android supports setting up Nalimov, Gaviota, and Scorpio endgame tablebases on the SD card, but Robbobases were missing. Therefore, I added support for RobboTotalBases as well. I tested the setup with the UCI engine IvanHoe 999947c (modified slightly to relax file permissions when reading) and the /3 and /4 piece directories on the SD card. The engine reports

info string 66 RobboTotalBases registered with 2499 indici 0mb

and plays simple endgames flawlessly afterwards. The setup will be in the next release of Chess for Android.


barbasg said…
good work ,congrats
Elias said…
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you.
Unknown said…
Hello Aart,
Is it possible to find this Ivanhoe version 947c somewhere? I would be interested in using it in my upcoming tournaments.
Aart Bik said…
I used to be very active compiling engines for ARM-based Android (when nobody else did it :-), but not it seems time engine authors show an interest in providing such versions (still happy to help when asked though).

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