Chess for Android 2.8

I just released version 2.8 of Chess for Android, available from the Android Market or as direct download.

New features include:
  • full PGN support (clipboard import/export, file load/save)
  • improved layout for xlarge screen sizes (api 9 and up)
  • bug fix in draw detection after FEN import
To load a game from a file in PGN format, long press the notation window, select "Load Game from SD", and navigate to the file. This opens another window with the actual games in that file. Then select the desired game. Very large PGN files may take a while to download (or even run out of memory), but the idea is that future versions will be able to navigate quickly between successive games. I have tried to make the PGN parser reasonably robust (it accepts sloppy SAN for instance), but certain non-standard constructs are rejected. Please let me know if you encounter bugs though.


jhoravi said…
Chess for ANDROID is good but the major annoyance is piece navigation. Though my phones has 3.7" screen, I still find it too cramped for my fat thumb to navigate that I often move pieces to the wrong squares. The ideal screen size is 4" on my galaxy S but it sacrifices pocketability.

I have a very simple solution:
If I hold a piece with my thumb (tap and hold), that piece should pop at the tip of my thumb instead of under. The idea is that piece is always visible at the tip of my thumb while I drag it around the board! Whats cool is that it will appear that I'm pushing the piece instead of dragging it under my thumb :)

That will perfectly solve the small board issue without the need to buy a specialized stylus for capacitive screen.

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