Chess for Android as Client of a Chess Server

User PJ+ at the OpenChess forum implemented a nifty client utility that converts Chess for Android to a client for a remote chess server. To make this work (assuming you already have a remote chess server running at some hostname and port), simply do the following steps.
  1. Download the version of Chess for Android that grants network permission to its UCI clients (the default version at the market does not do this for obvious security reasons).
  2. Download PJ+'s client-android-cli utility.
  3. Construct a file, for example uci_client, that contains the single line ./client-android-cli <hostname> <port> for the hostname and port of the remote chess server.
  4. Copy 2. and 3. to SD card, then install these from SD just like the first-time install of UCI engines.
  5. Finally, the single line file uci_client can now be imported as any other UCI engine, and will connect to the remote chess server.
I tried this method myself connecting Chess for Android as client to a remote chess server with a 64-bit BikJump engine on a Linux desktop, and this yielded over 1,000KNs. PJ+ used his utility to connect to a remote chess server with Houdini, yielding over 25,000KNs. Pretty neat to run a 25 million nodes per second search on a phone, right? Thanks PJ+!


Anonymous said…
Hello, you might want to differentiate your Android Chess App because it is no longer in the market place due to the pulling of apps.
Aart Bik said…
Ah, reading up on the news, I now understand what you are alluding to. Chess for Android should still be available on the market. Please let me know if you find otherwise.
Matthias said…
I found a rule mistake in the chess game, you might could fix this plz. When the king is set chess before he makes the "rochade"(switch with tower) he should not be able to do this anymore.

Sincerly Matthias
Aart Bik said…
Hi Matthias,
Castling is allowed even when the king has been in check previously, as long as it is not in check at the time of castling. Please see this explanation (listed under common mistakes).
Boyan said…
Great work indeed! Best Android chess app for sure (well, together with top chess engines).

You (and PJ+) inspred me to try to use your Chess for Android with a remote chess engine (Houdini), but I cannot even start since I download of PJ+'s client-android-cli utility doesn't work. Can you put it up on your download page please?
Aart Bik said…
If PJ+ gives me his permission, I will put the utility on my website.
Boyan said…
Hi Aart!

Thanks for your quick reply and willingness to help all of us chess fans ;-)

I've set up chess server on Linux desktop and would really like to try accessing Stockfish via your "Chess for Android" app on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Waiting for PJ+ reply might take a while, so, could you please email me that cli utility to I don't think there will be any problem since the file was actually up and free for all to take...

Also, which engine did you find strongest, actually, fastest, on a mobile smartphone? (Say, Stockfish might be strongest, but if say Robbolito calculates more moves in one minute, then this is actually strongest engine.)
Boyan said…
Hi again! Would you try to make Chess for Android work with Glaurung free chess server? See If it works, would you be so kind to post instructions?
Aart Bik said…
The link you posted provides code to setup a chess server and client, similar to using Chess for Android and PJ+'s utility as client of some chess server (it does seem not provide a free chess server, however).
Aart Bik said…
PJ+ gave permission, and I will put the utility on my website shortly.

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